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School-Age Child Care

We believe every child can achieve their full potential in a safe, nurturing environment. At the Y, we strengthen community through youth development because we believe that a community is stronger when all children have the opportunity to discover who they are and what they can achieve. Our School-Age Child Care program impacts youth by guiding them through skill development, positive relationships, and inspiring opportunities to explore and discover.

School Served: Cedarhome, Stanwood and Twin City
Location: Cedarhome Elementary
Address: 27911 68th Ave NW, Stanwood WA 98292
Contact: Ashley Brodin | 360 572 1139

School Served: Elger Bay, Utsalady
Location: Utsalady Elementary
Address: 608 Arrowhead Rd, Camano Island WA 98282
Contact: Lonnie Ortiz | 360 572 1135

Program Components:

The following are the core components of our program:

  1. Character Development
  2. Snacks
  3. Homework Time & Help
  4. Games
  5. Arts & Crafts
  6. STEM

 Registration Checklist:

  1. Registration Packet
  2. School Age Child care Family Handbook
  3. Individual Care Plan
  4. Change Form
  5. 2017-2018 Fee Options
Stanwood-Camano SACC

Child's Information

CARE OPTIONS (See Individual Branch Fees & Options)



Persons Authorized to Pick-Up Child (Other Than Parents)


Family Handbook Access

Please sign that you have recieved/have access and agreed to the Family Handbook (containing all policies, procedures, philosophy, medical procedures and Statement for Prevention of Abuse) on our website:

YMCA Policies

YMCA of Snohomish County Mission Statement: To inspire, nurture, and strengthen culturally vibrant communities through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.

Culturally Relevant/Anti-Bias Statement: The YMCA of Snohomish County youth programs are committed to providing developmentally and culturally appropriate services that: respect, reflect, and support children and families in our programs; cultivate understanding and caring among children, families, and staff and incorporate an anti-bias approach to curriculum.

Financial Assistance: If you cannot afford the full cost of a program, please ask for a confidential scholarship application. Financial assistance, to the extent possible, to those who qualify.


Release/Participation: I am the parent or guardian of the particpant. I give permission for my child to particpate in YMCA activities including transportation. I understand that accidents can sometimes happen. Therefore, in exchange for the YMCA allowing my child to particpate in YMCA activities, I understand and expressly acknowledge that I release the YMCA, its employees, boards, members, volunteers, or guest from all liability for any injury, loss or damage connected in any way whatsoever to particpation in YMCA activities whether on or off the YMCA's premises and including transportation. I understand that this release includes any claims based on negligence, action, or inaction of the YMCA, its employees, boards, members, volunteers, or guests.

Medical Treatment: I give permission for YMCA staff or volunteers to provide emergency medical treatment for my child, and to transport to an emergency center for treatment. Alsom I consent to medical treatment for my child deemed immediately necessary or advisable by a physician.

Insurance: I understand that the YMCA does not provide any accident or health insurance for its members or participants and further understand its is my responsibility to provide such coverage.

Member Conduct: I agree for myself and my child to abide by the YMCA code of conduct and all policies and procedures of the YMCA of Snohomish County and its branches.

Property Loss: The YMCA is not responsible for personal property lost, damaged or stolen while using YMCA facilities, including parking lots, or participating in YMCA programs.

Photograph Permission: I give permission for the YMCA to use, without limitation or obligation, photographs, film footage or tape recordings which may include my child's image, voice, or artwork for purposes of promoting or interpreting YMCA programs

I have read and understand the above and have completed this form to the best of my ability.


The following information is important to the safety and protection of your child. Please read the information and sign this form.

I understand that the adult who registers the child for the program is responsible for payments to the YMCA.

I understand that all financial, attendance, enrollment, and other business documents will be provided only to the adult who signs the child up for the program and is responsible for payment.

I understand that YMCA staff are not allowed to babysit or transport children outside of the YMCA program.

I understand that I have free access, at all times, to areas of the program used by my child. I also understand that I will have opportunities to participate in program activities, and that participation may require me to go through a screening process. I also understand that if my participation obstructs the program in any way, this privilege will be revoked.
I understand that I am not to leave my child at the YMCA or program site unless my child is registered to attend and a YMCA staff is there to receive and supervise my child.

I understand that my child will not be allowed to leave the program alone or with an unauthorized person.

I understand that YMCA staff will engage children in discussions to help them understand how they can set their own personal safety and touching limits. These discussions will emphasize respect, set the ground rules for appropriate behavior and encourage children to tell a trusted adult if someone touches them in way that makes them uncomfortable. The YMCA of Snohomish County respects the diversity and rights of the individuals it serves.

I understand that I will be provided information about my child’s progress and/or any issues related to his/her care. However, both parents may receive this information upon request.

I understand that employees in all YMCA programs are mandated by state law to report any suspected cases of child abuse or neglect to the appropriate authorities for investigation. I also understand that YMCA staff are protected from liability for good faith reporting.

I understand that the Health Care Plan and Disaster Response Handbook are posted on-site and available for my review.
I have read and understand the statements above and have access to copies of:

(containing all policies, procedures, philosophy, medical procedures and Statement for Prevention of Abuse).
is available at your YMCA branch or program site.

Policies for Child Care Program

I agree to pay the monthly Child Care Fees no later than the last day of the month preceding care. I understand care will be suspended and a late fee of $30 will be assessed if payment is not made on time. I understand that returned checks or drafts will be assessed a $30 NSF processing fee that will be debited directly from my account. Other fees (e.g. late-pick up and occasional care) will be charged to my account. Child Care will be suspended when fees are left unpaid by the end of the month.
Refunds/Credits/Changes A written request using the YMCA Child Care Change Request Form is required 15 days in advance to request credit for vacations (when eligible), changes in care or payment method, or withdrawal from the program. Refunds and credits will not be issued without 15 days prior notice. Refunds for Break or Summer Programs with early withdrawal from School-Year and Year Round Options will not be issued. See Parent Handbook for refund policy details.
The following will NOT be tolerated in our child care programs:
o Abusive, harassing and/or obscene language or gestures
o Threats of harm, physical aggression, violent acts, or bullying o Weapons of any kind
o Damaging or defacing YMCA property
o Offensive conduct
o Purposely leaving the area of supervision without permission o Improper exposure
Failure to follow this code of conduct will result in disciplinary action, which may include a one-to-three day suspension. A parent conference will be scheduled to develop a behavior contract in order for your child to remain in the program. It may become necessary for the benefit of the child, as well as for the safety of the other children, to remove a child from our program.
I understand that if I would like to provide alternative for my child during snack times (e.g. food from home, extra food from their packed lunch) for dietary, health or other reasons I will ask for a YMCA Parent Meal Plan Agreement (WAC 170-297-7525- Parent or Guardian provided food).
To help the YMCA create a safe environment for children with life-threatening nut allergies, you will be asked to refrain from sending your child with food containing peanuts or tree nuts and/or foods manufactured in a plant that processes nuts.
YMCA staff has my permission to discuss my child with school personnel for the purpose of collaboration with homework support and review records related to behavior and/or individual care/education plans pertaining to my child for the purpose of collaboration, consistency, and my child’s success in the YMCA program and in school.